The Spark

“Isn’t the name Flower perfect for her?” she asked.
“Only because Bottle Rocket isn’t a name!” he answered.

The Bottle Rocket Films team has served its time in the LA/NY production world, working on projects with crews from 3 to 350. The company is based out of idyllic East Tennessee by choice. Our seasoned team brings an elevated level of professionalism and a touch of southern charm to every production project.
Not in Knoxville? Not a problem. We’re happy to shoot a scene or meet with a client anywhere.

Flower Hulihan (CEO/Executive Producer)

Executive Producer
Overheard: “Hell yeah, we can do that!”

Flower Hulihan is an exuberant burst of artistic energy. (This woman is anything but a wallflower!) She is an experienced, passionate and creative professional with producer credits on countless TV dramas and a handful of other series. Heard of Disney Channel and NBC Universal? Yeah, they’ve hired her.

Flower has climbed the rungs of the production ladder, from intern to producer. She has worked with Oscar and Emmy-award winning teams, and her work has aired on Fox, A&E, Biography, Discovery ID, and Oxygen Network.

Resourceful and tirelessly committed to excellence, Flower is someone you want on your side. She’ll exceed your expectations to find the perfect location, cast that unforgettable role, and bring that suspenseful script to life. And she’ll do it in a way that ensures you’ll have your best day of work in a long time.

Additional Firepower (Freelance Collaborators)

Geoff Proud (Writer / Director)

Writer/ Director/Executive Producer
Overheard: “I bring good stories to life.”

Geoff has written and produced hundreds of hours of programming for A&E, History, National Geographic, Investigation Discovery, Food Network, Travel Channel, Animal Planet… He co-created the true-crime series City Confidential, (which The New York Times called “ingenious and intriguing”), executive produced Snapped on Oxygen, and is currently executive producer, writer, and director of Investigation Discovery’s true-crime drama hit, When Murder Comes to Town, Murder By Numbers and Food Network’s Unwrapped 2.0.

Brady Kiernan (Director)

Overheard: “Making a movie is like being in a band, but with 50 people in it.”

Brady’s director credits include short films and music videos. He is best known for 2011 Tribeca Film Festival entry “Stuck Between Stations.” He’s also played bass in a punk band.

TJ Schwingle (DP/Operator)

Director of Photography / Camera Operator
Overheard: “The force is strong with this one.”

TJ is a cinematographer with a penchant for cinematic and fantastical imagery. His work includes music videos for bands like Foo Fighters, short films, and commercials. He also was hired to shoot additional material for the Star Wars universe, but he can’t tell you about it just yet.

Dan Kelly (DP/Operator)

Director of Photography / Camera Operator
Overheard: “I’m happiest when it’s cold.”

Dan’s work spans short films, music videos, commercials, and shows for cable channels including A&E, The History Channel, Discovery, I.D., Speed Channel, HGTV, and TLC. His early creative work was devoted to drawing, painting, and then animation, and he brings his unique eye of capturing light and shadow to tell compelling stories with film.

Scott Colthorp (Director/DP)

Director / Director of Photography
Overheard: “Tell good stories. Then live long, and prosper.”

Scott started Atmosphere Pictures, a production company focused on long-form documentaries like Trek Nation. His work has been featured on HGTV, A&E, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, and the History Channel. He also has over a decade of experience in freelance Director/DP work for Spike TV and MTV Networks creating TV campaigns and promos. Before all that Scott studied Philosophy at the University of Tennessee.

Chris Mitchell (DP)

Director of Photography
Overheard: “Yeah, I know that camera well.”

Chris is a seasoned DP with credits including documentaries, commercials, TV specials, reality shows, and short films. Name the camera, and he’ll confirm his proficiency with it: 35mm film, 16mm film, RED camera, HD cameras, and DSL cameras. Chris’s work has appeared on Discovery, A&E, Oxygen, the History Channel, HGTV, and the DIY Network. He’s also an Eagle Scout, so if your shoot is remote, you won’t starve.

Viktor Budnik (Director)

Overheard: “I can make your eyes and your mouth water.”

Viktor is a prolific, award-winning director and photographer specializing in food, drink, and lifestyle. As owner of Film You Wanna Eat, he has made mouth-watering commercials for Nabisco, Subway, Ragu, Con-Agra, Nestle, and others. He brings a background in architecture, interior design, and art history together to tastefully capture everything he shoots, leaving audiences hungry for more.

Paul Jones (Music)

Composer / Sound Designer
Overheard: “I write the songs that make the whole world watch.”

Paul has been creating award-winning musical scores since the 1980s. With early projects in live theater, he moved on to an active TV career supervising music and post-audio for Scripps Networks and writing for networks such as A&E, Discovery, ESPN, Spike TV, Nat Geo, TLC, The History Channel, Animal Planet, ID, Oxygen and others. Chances are you’ve heard and enjoyed Paul’s work; you just didn’t know him yet. You will.

Josiah Morgan (DP/Operator)

Director of Photography / Camera Operator
Overheard: “I pity the fool that doesn’t appreciate the beauty of this shot.”

Josiah is a Telly Award-winning director with DP credits including numerous commercials and projects for DIY Network and HGTV and directing credits for Fox Sports Network. Josiah has a soft spot for nonprofits and NGOs and has done considerable work as DP and Director in support of causes here at home and in Haiti. Josiah has experience with a variety of film and digital camera systems, and he’s proficient in post-production. He’s also worked with Mr. T. For real.